Verity Marketing Solutions

Verity Marketing Solutions has over 20 years marketing experience with data science/predictive modeling, direct marketing, digital marketing, business analytics and business software solutions including data warehouses. Providing marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized organizations and start-ups, Verity Marketing Solutions has produced world class solutions enabling these organizations to realize greater ROI as well as improve operational effectiveness at all levels.

At Verity, we pride ourselves on evaluating your marketing and demand generation from a top-down approach where we look at all levels of the organization that have touch points with clients to not only provide new solutions but optimize existing marketing solutions.  Evaluating the marketing funnel / pretzel today will enable us to do attribution modeling. Attribution modeling can really change how you look at customer acquisition; branding really does work – decades of research and these models reinforce that Google PPC is not credited 100% for a customer that searches for you because they heard your radio or TV commercial.  Getting the truth out of your data is what Verity Marketing Solutions does for clients.  To see a complete list of services, click here.

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