Content Marketing with Video

Content Marketing with Video

The Advertising Evolution: Content Marketing

As time progresses and every technologist can hang a shingle and provide apps to make life simpler, it continues to clutter and fragment how we consume media and how we buy and promote media and advertising.

Web 2.0 was just the beginning. Attempting to number internet technology  genres has become non-existent due to the speed at which technology is racing.  The same is true with demand generation. What worked yesterday does not necessarily work today.  Remember when having your product “adjacent” to content was what worked?  Editors were bothered and businesses wanted more to persuade opinion on their brand…It appears business won the battle and consumers are consuming the new ads without dissention.

Consumers are consuming advertising in new platforms.  The infamous print, “Advertorial” has now moved to TV.  Just last week, Jimmy Fallon did a segment on trucks, he shared a picture of the new truck he bought.  He then brought in country singers to sing a song about trucks.  Through the entire Fallon truck advertorial, he never said the brand name or model name (Ford F-150), yet blogs around the world have posted it.  How is that for some advertising?!

So content is the new advertisement and social media is the new publisher?  Things continue to evolve and I have my running shoes on to catch the elusive consumer and business lead.  While content has been “IN”, now Video content is being optimized through years of evaluation of good consumer video content.  See the link below provided by years of analysis for how to market to your audience with video content.

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