Facebook Marketing Lead-ins for Julie Aragon Lending

Published June 20th, 2014 in Blog

It’s important to provide value to your customers, whether it be your direct customers or indirect customers. The Julie Aragon Lending Team employs a great contact strategy with both their B:B clients and their B:B:C customers. They educate clients with quality information on what to expect during the loan process and provide added value services that make the process very simple for the buyer/borrower, thus making the overall home buying transaction that much more enjoyable. The Julie Aragon Lending Team also provides information to agents that will help them close a deal easier. As support to an agent, they will also provide added value services such as custom content branded with agents contact information. The team is also constantly executing on a sophisticated content strategy that will generate qualified leads for you, the agent. With all these pieces in place, The Julie Aragon Lending Team has an excellent marketing strategies that facilitates all pieces of the process in an effort to make things easier for you and earn your trust and business in return.

Below you will see a simple example of how you can create a lead in to your real estate marketing content on Facebook. The lead in graphic should be branded in some manner. Below, you will see that while the logo is not used, the branding colors for The Julie Aragon Lending team are used to elicit the association once you click through. Eventually you will recognize the content and associate it with helpful, quality information you may want branded for your own use.


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