SEO for Acquisition

SEO for Acquisition

Let’s talk serious here – SEO is great and all the buzz and rage and everyone is doing it.  Okay, I really do not think everyone is doing it as it’s just not that simple or easy to do.  It takes coordination between marketing and IT.  Actually educating IT on technical elements necessary to qualify to place in SERPs.

If you are going to do it – do it for the right reason – ACQUISITION.  Make sure that the resources, time, energy and teams are all in support of the effort that will provide a return.  This is yet another acquisition tool and another line in your acquisition spreadsheet.

While acquisition is being fragmented into many different sources, there are still sources to the source.  This seems to be SEO on top of SEO.   For example, you get a better cost on your PPC acquisition marketing for an optimized landing page.  Therefore your SEO optimization for that landing page is getting you a better cost on your CPC marketing.

If you are serious in understanding how SEO can be used for acquisition and what other businesses are doing successfully in this category, then you are ready to read the SEO for Acquisition Guide.


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